Dear friends,

after a while during which it’s been pretty quiet, we are back with sad news:
We have to tell you that Dead Flesh Fashion will, from now on, no longer be a band. We have come to this decision due to the fact that not all of us want to do this band any more. Our visions of what kind of music we want to do and what kind of band we want to be have been diverging during the last months and so we simply cannot continue doing this anymore. However, the fact of us actually parting ways now and putting an end to this is still a shock for us and came quite unexpected, as we still had some plans concerning the future of DFF. We are deeply sorry and apologize to each and everyone who has been involved in these plans and is now failed by us.
What is left to say is that we are deeply and truly grateful and appreciate the kindhearted people we met during the last 7 years. Here is to everyone
who helped us recording and releasing records,
who set up a show,
who offered us a place to sleep,
who gave us food and drinks,
who came to shows,
who listened to us,
who bought merch,
who shared stages and floors with us,
who helped us when help was needed,
who we went on tour with,
who have been in any manner contributing to the endeavors of keeping this alive and well:
Thank you very very much.
There are too many people and bands to be named here, but be sure that none of you is forgotten. Still, we want to mention and thank Tim for his amazing work with Midsummer Records and every other label that was involved in releasing the stuff we recorded: HoboRec, Shark Men Records, Baskat. Thank you Role and everybody else at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg for helping us in any way imaginable and letting us sound better as we thought we could. We will always remember all of you and what you did for us, as well as we will remember how much we enjoyed being part of this band.
Probably some of us will start something new, but it is way to early to tell you anything in particular, so we can just tell you to check back once in a while. If there is anything going on, we will definitely tell you here. Hope to see you soon.
Take care.

DFF | July 2013

Liebe Freunde,

nach langer Funkstille unsererseits müssen wir euch leider mitteilen, dass Dead Flesh Fashion von nun an keine Band mehr sein wird. Wir sind zu diesem Entschluss gekommen, da nicht mehr alle von uns Teil dieser Band sein möchten und im Lauf der vergangenen Monate unsere Visionen davon, welche Musik wir machen wollen und was für eine Band wir sein möchten, immer weiter auseinander gedriftet sind. Wir können die Band einfach nicht weiter aufrechterhalten. Die Tatsache, dass es jetzt wirklich zum Ende kommt, ist trotz der Schwierigkeiten der letzten Zeit ein Schock für uns und war so auch nicht absehbar. Wir hatten noch -wenn auch bescheidene- Pläne für die Zukunft von DFF und möchten uns daher auch von Herzen bei allen entschuldigen, die Teil dieser Pläne waren und nun von uns hängen gelassen werden.
Was nun noch zu sagen bleibt, ist wie dankbar wir für all die lieben und tollen Menschen sind, die wir im Laufe der letzten 7 Jahre kennenlernen durften. Das geht raus an alle,
die uns dabei geholfen haben Platten aufzunehmen und rauszubringen,
die Shows veranstaltet haben,
die für uns gekocht, uns bei sich aufgenommen und alles mit uns geteilt haben,
die zu Shows gekommen sind, uns zugehört und/oder Merch gekauft haben,
die Bühnen, Böden, Keller, Dachböden oder Busse mit uns geteilt haben,
die uns in jeglicher Weise geholfen haben, wenn nötig,
die mit uns auf Tour gefahren sind,
die in jeglicher Art und Weise dazu beigetragen haben, dass diese Band funktioniert hat und am Leben blieb:
Von Herzen- Tausend Dank!
Es sind zu viele Bands und Menschen um alle hier namentlich zu erwähnen, aber seid euch sicher, dass ihr weder vergessen seid, noch werdet. Dennoch seien an dieser Stelle Tim und seine tolle Arbeit mit Midsummer Records erwähnt, sowie alle anderen Labels, die dabei geholfen haben unseren Kram zu veröffentlichen: HoboRec, Shark Men Records, Baskat. Danke Role und allen anderen Halunken, die in der Tonmeisterei Oldenburg dafür gesorgt haben, dass unsere Musik besser klang, als wir es für möglich gehalten hätten.
Euch alle und was ihr für uns getan habt werden wir niemals vergessen, so wie wir auch niemals vergessen werden, wie schön es war ein Teil dieser Band zu sein.
Vielleicht starten einige von uns etwas Neues, aber es ist viel zu früh irgendetwas genaueres sagen zu können, also können wir nur darauf hinweisen ab und zu mal an dieser Stelle vorbeizuschauen. Wenn es was Neues gibt, werden wir euch hier auf dem Laufenden halten. Hoffentlich bis bald.

DFF | Juli 2013


we are back home.

I appologize for the mass of words,that rain down on you within the subject of this,but it simply bursts out of my soul and in no way would a shorter version fit the feeling :

those last days were INTENSE !

we did not only want to play a couple of shows,but to once again record some music. it did not look too promising,when we started. the more overwhelming was it,to witness, with how much passion not only we,but soooo many people around us, helped making this dream come true. if I had to pick one word for the impression of the tour,I would choose the word “SHARING” !

we as a band might do all this at least a major part for our own souls,but sharing all this with other people creates the moment,makes us experience music as the language it is. I would truly like to thank the people that share their passion with us…that truly care for music….that create space….that cook for us and put up shows….that invite others…that sweat on shows and feel with us…that buy merch…that exchange themselves with us and offer us a place to stay…thank you VERY, VERY MUCH !!!

some might know the feeling,but I have to meantion,that I captured the LIGHT IN THE EYES and the GLOWING HEARTS out there this time again and intense !

if I close my eyes right now, I see all the lovely people in VEB Siegen…SIMON,FARID,KORA…and all the others,that put up something beautiful so short on time……..JENS and the COW CLUB people,that sacrificed their well deserved sunday…..our friends in HEW that took the stage again and made me happy as a small child with their set……..ELLI,TORSTEN,FRIESENTERZ and DARK HANSEN (great show!) and all the many lovely people in Hamburg,that turned a monday evening into such an unforgettable moment in the wonderful Gängeviertel !……..ULF and GINA,that did not only share everything with us in sweden but for those days made us feel like family - all those heartwarming moments cannot be described here in a proper way but you are so wonderful and always a part of us !!!……….MAX,who was like a big band brother with his charming and unbelievable warm presence and became an even bigger part of the family !!!………..all the lovely guys in GRACE.WILL.FALL and their loved ones,who since we got to know each other never managed to escape our hearts,haha and are connected with us in a brotherly way !!! we love you !…………all the many people in sweden,that made the DETHRONE releaseshow such an amazing end of the tour for us !………and last but not least of course ELSE,who belongs to the good soul of the band and not only gives his vehicle to us as a second home,but also is the lovely person we got to know and captured in our hearts !!!

thank you so so much out there !!!

lots of words,I know…but I am still overwhelmed. I would also like to thank the people,that make all this possible by sharing their hearts with me : thank you MILLER !!! <3 thank you DIEZ !!! <3 thank you CASI !!! <3



see you on tour&#160;!

see you on tour !

more info on that soon - we are looking forward to.

more info on that soon - we are looking forward to.

a tattered wreath

a tattered wreath

sunday gloomy sunday

sunday gloomy sunday

set for the show in LÜDENSCHEID this weekend.

set for the show in LÜDENSCHEID this weekend.